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GRAND VIEW 360° is a reliable tool for assessing key management competencies, such as leadership skills, ability to motivate others, effective communication skills, work with a team, change management, and the like. The purpose of this tool is to help the manager to identify their strongest competencies, as well as to outline a plan for personal growth based on an analysis of their weaknesses.

  • When there is a need to map strong and weak competences in a team of managers;
  • When targeted investments are made in the development of management;
  • When it is important to raise the overall management level in an organization.
  • Managers receive objective feedback on the level of their competencies;
  • Managers can compare their self-esteem with the opinions of others;
  • The manager’s interest in personal growth and development is increasing;
  • A measurable report point appears for the system development of company executives.
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